Blue Spring Hotel - Wadduwa - Sri Lanka

The Blue Spring Hotel offers a variety of facilities to the guests, including a signature restaurant, coffee shop and the boutique shops at the ground level in which the guests can explore unique Sri Lankan crafts and precious gems.


20 Rooms • 1 Outdoor Dining Restaurant • 1 Indoor Restaurant • Swimming Pool • Ayurvedic Spa • Gems and Jewellery shop


Signature Restaurant

When you are at the Blue Spring, you get to indulge your taste buds in the BEST cuisine at our signature restaurant. Our restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner times. We serve our guests a combination of cuisines including, Sri Lankan, Sea food of their choice, grills and other international cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Thai & Japanese to please our international guests. Same menu caters to the room service as well.

Coffee Shop

Enjoy a pleasant evening with the finest brewed coffee at our Coffee shop while relaxing with your friends and family. Coffee shop is open daily from 8AM to 10PM. It’s your best chance to enjoy famous Sri Lankan coffee.

Swimming Pool
Boutique Shops
Boutique Shops

Want some souvenirs to remember your precious memories in the paradise land? Our guests have the privilege to explore the souvenirs and precious gems, which are unique to Sri Lanka at the boutique shops available at the ground level of our hotel.